About the Conference

Atlas Network and the Institute of Economic Affairs are delighted to host the first annual Europe Liberty Forum. Champions of free people and free markets from across Europe and the United States are invited to London for two days of leadership development, sharing of best practices and discussion of the policy battles that lie ahead.

The conference will include keynote addresses and breakout sessions, superior networking opportunities and friendly competition among think tanks. The Europe Liberty Forum Gala Dinner on the evening of the 9th will feature Atlas Network’s announcement of 2016 Europe Liberty Award winner. To apply, click here.

Atlas Network’s annual Liberty Forum is the international freedom movement’s must-attend event – enlightening, instructive and inspiring.

Now Atlas Network is partnering with think tanks across the globe to bring “regional” forums, allowing friends of liberty from across one continent or region to come together for professional development training, competitions for funding, strategy discussions, networking and much more.

The first annual Europe Liberty Forum is your chance as a supporter of liberty to build relationships, expand your skillset, share best practices and help strengthen the network of free marketeers across Europe.

About the Institute of Economic Affairs

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The IEA is honoured to co-host this forum with the Atlas Network. For over 60 years, the IEA has been promoting the intellectual case for a free economy, lower taxes, freedom in education, health and welfare and lower levels of regulations.

We are tremendously proud of our rich history. Shortly after the Second World War, Sir Antony Fisher read economist F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. Fisher feared that whilst liberation was being celebrated, the West was turning its back on capitalism and that the “command and control” approach of wartime was now to be the model for peacetime economic organization. The story goes that Fisher tracked down Hayek at the London School of Economics, hoping to receive the latter’s blessing to enter a career in politics. But Hayek warned Fisher against such an approach and instead advised that if he truly wanted to change the world, he should avoid partisan politics and instead seek to win the battle of ideas.

Antony Fisher went on to establish the Institute of Economic Affairs in 1955, having met with success in business as a chicken farmer in the east of England. He employed the help of Ralph Harris, the IEA’s first Director General, and Arthur Seldon, the IEA’s first Editorial Director. For many years, they pursued a lonely and – many thought – forlorn mission. The prevailing consensus was that vast swathes of economic activity should be managed by the state, not by free men and women. But, slowly and surely, they began to win the argument. The case for abolishing exchange controls and privatising many state run industries helped form the Thatcher revolution. Indeed, Margaret Thatcher said of the IEA “They were the few, but they were right and they saved Britain.”

Fisher went on to become one of the most influential background players in the global rise of free market organisations in the latter half of the 20th century, helping to found the Atlas Network, Manhattan Institute, Pacific Research Institute, and several groups that are now part of the State Policy Network in the USA.

Today, our mission remains what it always has been – to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems.

About Atlas Network


For 35 years, Atlas Network has been the leading global organization for strengthening the freedom movement. Atlas Network cultivates a highly effective and expansive network – of 450+ independent organizations in 97 countries – through programs that offer training, strategic support, competition and collaboration.

Atlas Network hosts Regional Liberty Forums for Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America to complement its annual global Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner. These events support partner organizations in their desires to learn more from each other and to accelerate the sharing of best practices through training and friendly competition. The result is a stronger movement working for pro-liberty reforms, and improved odds for a future of peace and prosperity.

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