Dr Roberta (Bobbi) Herzberg

Dr Roberta (Bobbi) Herzberg

Roberta (Bobbi) Herzberg is assistant director of individual freedom & free markets at the John Templeton Foundation. She is a passionate advocate for enhancing and maintaining individual freedom, limited government, and competitive free markets and shares Sir John’s interest in maintaining and extending these goals for a free society.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Dr. Herzberg held a faculty position in political science at Utah State University (USU), where she specialized in public policy, public choice, and American politics. At USU, she also served as department head in political science, as administrative director of The Institute of Political Economy, overseeing the USU government internship program, and was a principal investigator on a number of academic and federal grants that examined health and education policy and public choice institutions. She was also active in the Utah policy process and served on several state policy committees and commissions including the Utah Health Policy Commission, Small Employer Health Benefits study group, Medical Education Council, and Health Advisory Council, where she was vice-chair.

Dr. Herzberg is currently president of The Public Choice Society (2014-2016), where she hopes to extend the impact of scholarship that identifies incentives in political and policy institutions using economic logic to improve those institutions and processes.

Dr. Herzberg received a Ph.D. in political economy from Washington University in St. Louis where she was associated with the Center for the Study of American Business and a B.A. from Pomona College in Claremont, CA. She has published several monographs and articles on policy, individual incentives, and political institutions in American Politics, and been a frequent speaker on health policy and the problems of the uninsured.


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