Eamon Delaney

Eamon Delaney

Eamon Delaney is a founder and executive director of the Hibernia Forum, an independent advocacy group dedicated to the principles of a free market, individual liberty and prudent Government in Ireland. It seeks to build on and protect the country’s natural entrepreneurial instincts and its open and progressive economic atmosphere, as well as attraction to foreign inward investment.

For decades, Eamon has been a journalist and commentator, specialising in politics, current affairs and cultural matters. He is active across media, writing for various newspapers, as well as appearing regularly on radio and TV. He also privately offers workshops on media training and public presentation.

Eamon has published a number of books. A former diplomat, he is the author of the best-selling An Accidental Diplomat, My Years in the Irish Foreign Service, about his time working in the US, and with the EU and the United Nations in New York. The Hibernia Forum was founded in 2015.


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